Final Sequence
05/06, 2020, scene shoot
Location: Garrage, Montgomery Hall.
Caputred by GoPro 5 Black (1920*1080).
Shot by Kodak PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR Camera (7360*3680).
05/08, 2020, 3d camerA tracking
Nuke x
Creating a Camera Tracker node in Nuke X to capture and analyze the movement of camera.
In this picture, We can see that the error was 1.46 after tracking. It was a little bit high if the number higer than volume 1.0.
One of the solutions to solve this problem is to go to the AutoTracks chart to adjust the numer of Max Track Erro and Max Error. Then click " Delete Rejected" and " Solve".
After that, we can create a scene in Nuke and import the scene to Maya.
05/10, 2020, Unfolding the uv
The original model had a really messy UVs and I had to redo the UV jobs to make it more orderly. Then I can move to texturing part.
05/12, 2020, textures and shaders
Maya and substance painter
Got the inspiration from Bumblebee. Try to apply this kind of colorway for my model. I was focusing on adding various details and making the textures to feel realistic.
05/14, Textures and shaders II
Maya and substance Painter
Just finilized the shading part and going to test in Maya.
05/16, render test
Maya and nuke
Render all layers in Maya and composite them together.

05/20, render test and breakdown
Maya and nuke
Technical Breakdowns
05/22 Test sequence
05/25 feedback
1. The black level needs to pay attention
2. The model's color seems like too dark when it passed through the areas of window rotos.
3. The feet looked like slipping.
4. Colorcorrect the specular parts.

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